Jeff Kiple

Kelpie Security LLC
Jeff Kiple I’m on a mission to provide cybersecurity for every business, regardless of size. I give small business owners the tools they need to protect their network so that they can focus on their business. Small and medium businesses are often even more vulnerable to cyberattacks and can take longer to recover because of limited resources. Through risk mitigation and prevention services, you get peace of mind knowing someone is standing guard.
When I’m not reading up on the latest news on IT security, you can find me following the road less traveled. Literally. On my weekend adventures if there’s a trail in the middle of nowhere that looks ignored, that’s the path I explore. I love adventure and new experiences, so I’ll also travel overseas whenever I can. And I won’t miss a chance to watch Huskers football. We finished strong last season. Can’t wait to see what happens this year. Go Big Red! If you’d like to talk strategy about protecting your systems, contact me now about getting a free security risk evaluation.